Your digital budget for 2016/17: where should your focus be?

When I was in-house (at a law firm), the single most frustrating thing about dealing with agencies was that they thought budgets were elastic. Or moveable. Or that they magically expanded over the course of a project. Frustrating.

Having run Burfield for a few years now* and having dealt with clients from all kinds of industries, I know that you’re likely to be in the pre-budgeting season for 2016/17. I feel your pain. Right now is a good time to be thinking about where to focus your firepower and your efforts for the financial year ahead, and asking yourself “what’s going to give me the best return on my investment?”

With that in mind, I have asked Burfield’s experts here to have a think about what the big themes are for digital marketing over the next 12 months and where they’d focus their efforts if they were in your position. They’ve written a few blogs each – all of which are easily digestible, practical and actionable**. We hope that they’ll be of use to you no matter whether you’re a digital guru, a Marketing Manager, a Finance Director, an Operations Manager or just interested in how digital impacts on your business.

My second biggest in-house bug bear was with agencies misunderstanding how time poor I was in my busy role, constantly bombarding me with useless information which took ages to wade through. Mindful of that, you should be able to read this post in under 2 minutes and each of the two blogs I have shared with you below in around 5 minutes***. We promise not to waste your time.

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If you’d like to have a chat about how best to spend your money for the next year, don’t hesitate to contact me or Caroline (who will point you in the right direction of the best expert here).

The first blog we’re sharing is on keyword audits – the simple steps you need to take to maximise traffic to your site. More traffic = more eyeball time and more revenue. If this isn’t geeky enough for you our front-end developer Jacob has written a guide to using cognitive psychology to help your landing pages.

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*And sticking to our core value of being transparent about costs and budget management
** No, really. Your choice is then to either do it yourself or ask us to do it for you.
***According to Read-o-meter

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