Snaplet goes live TODAY!

If you follow our Twitter page, you may have seen the snapshots we’ve tweeted about the website of a new client that is being launched. Well, today is the day! Snaplet is officially live. They are one of the biggest sites we’ve taken on, so we thought we’d let you all know a little more about it in celebration of their launch day.

Snaplet are an entirely new take on the online housing market scene. It’s no secret that the process of finding a place to rent or someone to rent with is a boring and laborious task… scrolling endlessly through rental websites, looking at poor quality images and constantly flicking between your tabs of all the numerous different sites out there. It’s not fun. But what if there were a site that was not only engaging to look at, but providing both rental properties AND potential future housemates?

That’s exactly what Snaplet are here for.

They’re going with the ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ theory, and if you check out their website you can see from the outset that this approach is going to be a winner. No one wants to waste time reading long and convoluted descriptions of properties – after all, you need to see that the house/flat is perfect for you, not read about it. Plus, it’s free to sign up!

This website has been a great one for us to design and build. It’s a complex website, including not only information for tenants looking to rent or find a housemate, but also a way for landlords to search for tenants. That’s a lot of important stuff going on. A site this vast provides a lot of work for our design and build team – challenge accepted!

We’ve used a lot of the latest technology to get this site up and running, which means that as well as looking awesome it’s very user-friendly. After all, what’s the point in our design team creating the vision for a beautiful website if it becomes an absolute nightmare to navigate? One of the main ways we tried to overcome any potential user issues for such a large site is by switching from our usual framework, WordPress, to Laravel. While we love using WordPress because of the ability to create great-looking websites that are simple to use for the clients themselves, it didn’t seem right for Snaplet.

With a site like this, where pretty much all the content is user-generated (think tenants uploading their profiles and landlords uploading their rentals), Laravel is better suited because there aren’t any technical limitations in having a lot of different content coming from different sources. Usually with a WordPress site, the content is provided by the client, but Snaplet functions as more of a middleman between tenants and landlords rather than providing the information themselves (i.e., they aren’t working as an agency). Snaplet is all about interaction, so it was important to think about the best way to support this and get the most out of their desire to make the renting process easier.

We’re really proud of the way the site has turned out, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this fresh and exciting take on online rentals. Go ahead and check it out now!

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