Small Business SEO Strategy

So you want a website, have a website and you want to get a return on your investment? You need to plan a Digital Marketing strategy. 

Building or employing an agency to build a website is only step one to creating online business opportunities. Without a solid marketing plan that works online and offline, you might as well save your money and not have a website at all.

It might sound harsh but, unfortunately, that is the reality. Some key phrases you will be competing for might be relatively easy and others will be very hard, depending on how many competitors you have and how aggressive their own digital marketing campaign is.

We have seen many changes at Burfield over the past fourteen years regarding digital marketing and getting your website not only found, but in that all important top three positions on Google. We have been victims of our own success; we have taken our foot off the pedal and watched our position drop. On top of this we have worked with over two hundred companies throughout this time to improve their online business.

So, in short, we have the practical knowledge and the know how to get your business competing.

On-Site Optimization:

• META Titles – Page Titles
• Header Tags
• Alt Tags
• Photos/Images
• Content
• Blogs
• Landing Pages
• Sitemaps

Off-Site Optimization:

• Directory submissions
• Yelp
• Google Local Search
• Email Newsletters/Signup
• Free Index
• Reviews
• Facebook Business Page
• Twitter
• Forums

SEO? We’d like to call it digital marketing.

We used to call everything SEO, but not many clients understood what SEO meant and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed considerably. So to connect with one hundred percent of business owners out there, SEO at Burfield is now referred to as digital marketing. We are basically asking clients to think about marketing digitally, which includes everything online rather than the traditional paper ads, leaflets etc.

Digital marketing is everything you can do online from on-site optimization through to email newsletters and social media, it all falls under the digital marketing tag for us and it will help customers to find your website.

Although a lot of the items we have mentioned are on-site or off-site, not all of them are tailored to Google. At Burfield we believe it is very dangerous playing the Google roulette game when the house (Google) always wins. Google has the ability to make or break your business and putting all your eggs into one basket is very dangerous for your business. We always advise clients to keep this in mind when they start a digital marketing package with Burfield.

As quickly as you can start driving in leads from Google, one algorithm change can disrupt the flow of leads. Social media, press releases (online and offline), guest blogging and directories are all ways of driving traffic and leads into a website without relying on Google.

What is on-site optimization?

On-site optimization means changing your website to reflect the product or service you are trying to sell or communicating with clients and customers.

You/we need to tailor your website to reflect key phrases that you believe people use to search for your business. So images, content, the page title (H1 tag), page name, the meta title and description used by Google through to content and blogs being written about your key search phrase.

What is off-site optimization?

Think of off-site as any links, information or articles that are pointing back to your website. The better the content you produce through a blog, article or press release the more chance you have of getting links from quality websites. Websites with a domain that is old (5+ years) are seen as much more valuable in Googles eyes. Offsite optimization is all about having website with high domain authority and page authority linking back to your website. This signals to Google that the content on the page is of importance and relevant to the search term typed in by the user.

We will continually update this blog each week with links to on onsite and offsite optimisation with examples and explanations and links to documents that can help you gain more business through your website.


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