The potential to gain customers through the web is vast – so it's important to use the right tools and strategy to stay ahead.

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Why do Burfield excel at Promote?

We use a range of powerful digital marketing techniques, including social media, onsite optimization and content marketing to as many potential customers as possible.

We can operate at different levels depending on your budget and how competitive your industry is. We can work to a any timeframe and we can be as aggressive or intensive as your campaign needs to be. Burfield can also offer a ‘hands off’ consultancy approach where we can work with your existing in house team.

Promote skills

  • Social Media

    Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, are some of the biggest social media platforms out there, which one will work for your business the most? Maybe all 5? We understand how to use social media to meet your targets and goals whether its traffic, brand awareness or click through conversion.

  • Video

    If a picture is worth thousand words a video is worth a million! Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the planet for a reason; video is one of the most widely used mediums out there. It’s easy to make a bad video, so we suggest working with an experienced, creative video team and Burfield are happy to work with you on delivering a video for your company and brand.

  • Pay Per Click

    SEO isn’t the only way to win traffic or leads – Pay Per Click ads are great for getting your name in front of the right audience. PPC is now not just Google Adwords, Facebook CPC and Twitter both offer some great ways of reaching your target market. Each service can be used to bring in sales or connect with your ideal customer.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization is not dead, it’s just very different to 2 years ago. On site optimization is still very important as is generating the right links to your website through a well thought out link building campaign. SEO now brings together Social Media, Content Marketing, Link Building and onsite optimization as the overall strategy. How will your company use it?

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