Design isn’t just about creating something good to look at, it’s about clarity, speed, effortless ease of use and a satisfying experience. This is exactly what we focus our efforts on, creating sharp, contemporary user-centred design that sets you apart.

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Why do Burfield excel at Design?

Every design job we do follows a rigorous process to ensure our solution meets your business goals, is tailored to the audience and on brand, and draws on the latest design thinking.

Although digital lies at the heart of our work, our clients expect us to deliver other materials with our trademark visual style, whether it’s an exhibition stand or a print brochure.

Design skills

  • Print & Artwork

    at Burfield we are just as comfortable producing print & artwork as we are digital media. with over 15 years combined experience designing for print we have worked on both large and small scale print campaigns, providing us with the experience and expertise to cater for all print briefs and campaigns.

  • Responsive Design

    Mobiles and tablets now make up over 50% of your sites visitors and are fast becoming the primary means by which people visit websites. If your site is difficult to use on a mobile, what type of message are you sending them? Our responsive designs adapt to the device and deliver content in a priority order to the user.

  • Digital Design

    Our designs are a combination of intuitive creativity and careful analysis and research. Our ultimate goal is to create effortless experiences through visually striking designs.

  • UX Design

    Difficult and confusing interfaces are the quickest way to lose customers. We put your users and your business objectives at the centre of the design process and then tailor a rewarding user experience that meets your goals.

  • Branding

    We have an in-depth understanding of branding, whether that’s staying true to an existing brand, developing your current brand, or creating a completely new brand. What matters most is understanding your ethos, values and aspirations.

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