Mountain Trike

Web Design Project Description

Who are Mountain Trike?

Mountain Trike first featured on ‘Dragons Den’. The idea was to enable people who use a wheelchair to have more freedom, not just in muddy conditions or woods, and combat the everyday issues encountered in the suburban high street.

Agency Requirements for Mountain Trike

An agency that would advise, support and help their business grow online. We are currently helping Mountain Trike with the following:

  • Dedicated server hosting with Rackspace
  • Website build and development
  • On-site optimisation

The Brief

Mountain Trike were looking for an agency that understood the product and the ethos behind the company. They required a website that would increase enquires and sales, like many businesses, but the main focus would be educating people about the product and how it could genuinely help take some of the everyday frustrations away from users who required a wheelchair.

The Result

There are certain projects out there that we want to do and Mountain Trike was top of the list. Our founder, James Burfield, has seen first hand how much someone’s life can be improved in using this product, so winning the pitch was very important to us.

Jon Bolton was at the center of the design and UX on this project and worked with the Mountain Trike team and founder to deliver a design that excited everyone. Once again WordPress was chosen to deliver the CMS, because it’s easy for the client to update. Like all of Burfield’s websites that have been developed since 2012, it is responsive.

What we did

  • Development

Powered by

  • Responsive Design
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • Hosting Management

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