What do I need to accept online payments through SagePay?

Here at Burfield we are often asked to add eCommerce functionality to our clients’ websites. There are many ways to achieve this but due to the prevalence of the Sage Accounting software many clients are keen to use SagePay to facilitate the payment gateway.

If you’re a website owner looking to accept simple online payments with SagePay then it’s important that you have the following items setup for your company

1. SagePay Payment Gateway

If you’re accepting online payments then customers will need to enter their card details in order to pay for their order. As you might expect, allowing customers to do this directly on your site requires you to enter into a world of (potentially expensive) compliance and security protocol which, for the average web owner looking to take simple payments, is not an option.

To save you from this SagePay offer a service which hosts your payment form on their systems. For a monthly cost of around £25 (correct at time of writing), your website simply needs to POST (send) the order information over to SagePay and they will process the payment on their servers. This hands the majority of the burden of compliance over to Sage, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

To get setup just call the SagePay sales team.

2. Merchant Account

To accept online payments you’ll need to have a merchant account setup with your bank. There are charges involved in doing this and typically ongoing fees are incurred for each transaction. The cost varies depending on the bank.

To get setup simply ask your bank for details. Alternatively Sage can provide you with a merchant account. Simply call their sales team.

3. PCI Compliance

To accept payments online you are required by law to obtain a PCI compliance certificate. A certificate typically costs around £120/year and requires you to complete an annual online self assessment form.

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So if you are confused about what is required in order to accept online payments with SagePay, we hope this mini guide has helped to clarify things for you somewhat.

…and if you’re looking for help with your eCommerce website build, contact Burfield today for a obligation quote.

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