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Over the past few months I have been talking to a number of clients about their business, where they are and how digital can help them reach their goals. One thing that has been very interesting in this period is that no one has thought about changing their site to reflect where their business sits, including myself.

Most people and maybe you’re one of them, are so busy pushing your business day to day that you lose focus on where your digital assets are. With WordPress and other open source builds you have the ability to change the copy, from body content through to your page titles, descriptions and heading tags. You also have the ability to change images all through your admin panel in your content management system.

Take a moment now to look at your website. What is it telling you? If you were your customer looking in, does your website reflect where your business sits?

You’ve invested in making sure your website has a content management system and the greatest feature is having a system that is agile enough to change the content quickly and easily without further cost. Sometimes this is a good compromise when thinking about a new website. For example the design is not as sharp as you would like, but it still sits well with the brand, it’s just that the content doesn’t reflect your business currently. The web process could take up to 3 months to go through from start to finish for a new design and build, what’s stopping you testing out the new content on the current website and using A/B split testing to find out if potential users respond better to the new content?

At Burfield we have changed a lot as a business over the past year and we really have been plumbers with leaky taps when it comes to our own website. Our site does not reflect where we currently are, we have some really talented specialists in house that can help our clients businesses and we’re not talking about it.

So if the above is starting to make a little sense to you, why not go through our checklist below and start to make some changes to your website:

  • Has your service offering changed since your website was released?
  • Do you have dedicated pages for each service offering?
  • Any new employees in the business that could offer your customers any benefits you are not talking about?
  • Has your ethos changed within the business and does your ‘about us’ page reflect where the business is?
  • Your call to action on the homepage, is this still relevant?
  • Are you showing images of employees who have left the business or has your premises moved and showing the past premises?
  • Your SEO – META Title/Description, H1 tags, are these still relevant?
  • Read the opening text on your homepage, does this still describe your business?

The idea with this blog is to get you thinking and hopefully making some small changes to your website that can increase enquiries straight away or find more of the clients suited to your business.

For help or further advice then please contact me, I’m happy to help.

James Burfield
Managing Director

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