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We work with many brands, athletes and companies throughout the world, either consulting on their digital campaigns or implementing them. There are some really easy wins with social media to help grow your audience, encourage traffic or produce more sales.

Facebook is a great tool for business if it’s used correctly. You just have to remember a few things…

Understand how Facebook algorithm works.
Always go for quality over quantity.
What is the goal to posting your content, what are you hoping to achieve?
Understand your audience.

How does Facebook algorithm work?

Like Google, Facebook has it’s own algorithm to help filter a better user experience called EdgeRank. EdgeRank algorithm calculates its score using the following factors:
∑ – The sum of each individual edge. An edge is a story that can show up in your News Feed, like a status update, comment, Like, tag, and so on.

u – The affinity score. This is the factor that weighs how close you are with the person doing the posting. If you frequently interact with the person posting, have several mutual friends, or are related, Facebook is more likely to give that content a higher weight.

w – The weight for this edge. Not all actions are considered equal in the eyes of Facebook’s algorithm. For example, a friend creating a status update would carry more weight than someone simply liking a status update.

d – The time decay factor. As a posts gets older, it’s more likely that it has already been seen or that it is no longer as relevant. Facebook remedies both of these problems by taking the age of the post into consideration.

Like Google’s algorithm EdgeRank had had several updates since it started out in late 2009. These updates have helped shape user experience and provide users of Facebook information that they are more likely interested in.

So now you have an inclination into what Facebook is looking for from your posts, what should you focus on?

Quality over Quantity

Since we started working with social media back at the very beginning, one thing that has evolved has been the quality of posts. Users got a little tired of too much noise on their feed from friends and page posts that they switched off or skipped past. Facebook conducts user tests with 1000 users to find out what they like, don’t like etc to help them understand how people use Facebook. This way of thinking has been gathering pace over the past few years and as recently as February 2nd the Facebook team released this  announcement via their blog:

“The goal of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you. The actions people take on Facebook—liking, clicking, commenting or sharing a post—are historically some of the main factors considered to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed. But these factors don’t always tell us the whole story of what is most meaningful to you.”

The full blog can be found here: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2016/02/news-feed-fyi-using-qualitative-feedback-to-show-relevant-stories/ and it’s worth reading. So effectively we now need to focus on the content we are putting out, making it unique, relevant and informative to the user without being to sales focused.

One quality post per day that people are more likely to engage with is a lot more effective than eight low quality posts that are used to drive traffic and sales to your website or shop.

What is the goal to posting your content, what are you hoping to achieve?

So having read all of the above, does this change your goals on what you are using Facebook? If you were updating a Facebook page because it’s what your competitors are doing then that’s the wrong reason. If you are looking for more likes to change people’s perception on how great your are, that’s the wrong reason too!
Your Facebook page should be targeting potential business by talking and engaging with your audience, giving them a reason to follow you. This could be from being known to provide the latest most up to date information, it could be from offering clear instructions on how to complete tasks or offer advice?
If so the next post you plan on putting out on your company’s Facebook page, make sure what you are putting out is actually of interest to your customers and followers, because if it isn’t chances are the post after might not even find a way on to their news feed.

Understand your audience

Engage with your audience to understand what they are looking for or interested in finding out about your service or product. Insights in Facebook offer a host of information so you can start to build a clear picture of your audience. Within insights a key feature is an overview of posts where data is available to show you what the reach of the posts were, who you were targeting and the engagement received. This way you can see what your audience engaged with the most and offer more posts like this in the future and stop posting ones that get little interest.

In summary

Good luck enjoying social media as an amazing tool to boost traffic to your site and to endorse your brand! We hope these tips help you understand Facebook better, as a tool you can implement in your digital strategy. If you need help with strategy we can offer consultation just ask caroline@burfield.co.uk for a price for us to present you with a plan or a face to face training day with your staff.

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