Downtime: Wirehive Server

Update 03/12/2014

The migration of your websites to a new, stable server on Rackspace is underway. We are performing configuration and security maintenance on each website to minimise the risk of an issue like this reoccurring. In order for your website to be accessible on the new server, DNS records will need updating. If we hold your DNS, we will do this automatically. If not, we will contact you to request access when your site is ready to come back online.


Unfortunately our server managed and hosted by Wirehive came under attack yesterday. The server was so badly compromised that it has been decommissioned, and a new server will need to be built. We had two options available to us, stay with Wirehive and start a brand new contract for 3 years and invest a further £15,000 providing us with a service that has not met our expectations, or sign up to Rackspace the world’s leader in hosting.

We have undergone a successful 12 month period with clients that understood downtime affected their business and required a more robust managed and secure system with Rackspace. It’s a more expensive package (£400 per year that includes security updates for WordPress websites) but with Zero downtime in 12 months its been a worthwhile investment for clients.

The only issue we have is we can no longer provide email to those sites affected. This is for two reasons, email hosting has changed considerably and a specialist service and knowledge is needed, something Burfield can’t currently provide. Our server hosted with Wirehive has been used to send huge mailing campaigns by some clients when a service like Mailchimp is more professional and suitable for this.

Therefore we strongly recommend all clients currently affected to switch their email over to Rackspace (for 1-4 emails) or Microsoft 365 (5+ Users)

Signing up and setting your email account is very easy and takes 2 minutes. –


Rackspace Setup
Whatever choice you make please let us know. We will need to change over your MX records if we manage your domain name. Burfield are on-hand to support where we can in getting your email service registered and your website back online.

We can only apologise for the downtime received, but there is no quick fix, at the current time we are working with Rackspace in getting all the hosting accounts setup on our new Rackspace servers.

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