Digital Partnerships for Marketing and Design Agencies

2014 has seen a huge rise in partnership requests coming through to Burfield and although we currently partner with three large agencies from Bath, Bristol and London, we are always looking to work with likeminded people.

Our approach to being a digital partner has led to us forming strong partnerships with many design and marketing agencies. They do the stuff they are really good at and we do the stuff that we’re really good at. If you want to partner with a team of WordPress experts, you’re in the right place. We love WordPress, because it enables us to develop sites rapidly and cost effectively, and for sites that WordPress isn’t suitable for we build bespoke in Laravel.

  • Web design (PSD designs ready to code).
  • HTML/CSS, PHP and JS development.
  • WordPress development (custom themes, plugins and help with the tricky stuff).
  • On-site search engine optimisation.
  • Responsive design, information and expertise.
  • Social media and content marketing strategies and implementation.
  • Bespoke development.

Burfield work regularly with some of the world’s top brands and companies and if we were able to list their logos and case studies we would be inundated with work from similar companies, but we understand that not every agency likes to tell their clients that they are working with an outside company and we’re happy to be ‘under the radar’ if it is required and an NDA is standard.

Just in case you wondered what white-label and partnerships are, we’ll try and explain:

Partnership: You direct your customers to us via your account manager, for their digital marketing requirements. We act as an approved partner and provide either a referral fee or invoice you the cost of work. You can display our Burfield logo on your website as well as have access to content that can be used to help sell our services if needed. Our MD, Creative Director or Technical Director can be on hand for pitches, meetings and monthly scheduled meets if and when required.

White-Labelled: We act as an online arm for your agency. We provide all your digital marketing requirements on a fully white-label basis. All reports and communication are provided as a seamless white-label service. We can even use an internal email address.

There is no secret formula to establishing a fantastic partnership that is successful for everyone involved; we know that communication, transparency, knowledge, trust and expertise is the key.

If you would like to discuss Burfield becoming your digital partner contact our MD James Burfield ( for more information.


Picture credit Ryan McGuire of Bells Design and free of copyright restrictions.


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