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We’ve had a very busy few months at Burfield, with new clients, staff members and the business generally gathering pace, all of this is great news as you can imagine. One of the biggest success stories for Burfield in the past year, and something we don’t talk enough about at is a site we established just under 4 years ago. It currently has over, 200,000 monthly users and growing organically by 250 per day, making it the 5th biggest offroad site in the world and the biggest in Europe. Although the design, user experience and of course the content has all played a role in its success, it’s the digital marketing strategy that has helped attract over 160,000 users across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and has brought a multitude of offers from industry media houses to purchase the website and social media channels from Burfield.

MX Vice has been a great test for Burfield as it has given us the ability to try out our theories in the real world and really put our knowledge and expertise to the test. I believe there is no better example of how good an agency is than actually investing your own time and money to demonstrate growth, a return on investment and solid marketing strategies to potential and existing clients. We now have a gold plated case study that continues to grow and we are able to offer advice based on what we have learnt and also continue to learn

MX Vice is growing in lots of different areas, but one that we have been working on making happen is print. We wanted to connect with the un-digitised people out there and were too impatient to wait for them to come to us. Our solution was to build a free printed magazine based on the same principles of our approach to digital. We wanted to produce something with clarity, that was clean with a focus on the content, something that was the exact opposite of the leading magazines currently out there.

So after 5 issues being created digitally and publishing through Issue, the sixth issue arrived in print, 5000 copies (60 pages) and has been a fantastic success on its initial launch. We are already designing issue seven and will go to print in February. Our goal is to grow the magazine through to 96 pages and offer 10,000 printed copies to our distributed network over the next 6 months.

After viewing the magazine end product we are now producing a quarterly magazine for Burfield that will be distributed to our clients and prospective clients to demonstrate what we do and is something different to the usual customer brochure. When put together correctly print can make a massive statement and will do for many years to come.

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