Case Study: Teahouse Emporium

At Burfield, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure our clients succeed. You may think that’s quite an obvious thing to say – after all, we’re not exactly going to make any money if we do a half-hearted job.

However, it actually goes much deeper than just wanting to make money. When we accept clients, we like to make sure that it’s a job that we really believe can do well, and that we want to do well. For us, it’s not just about accepting every website pitch offered – we’re interested in supporting businesses that are doing something different and that represent a new way of looking at things. You wouldn’t believe how many emails a week we get pitching the idea of Facebook to us!

The Digital Marketing Team discussing ideas (and drinking lots of tea!) with Teahouse Emporium

The point of all this is that when we’re with a client we get very excited about it – which is exactly why we wanted to share a recent case study with all our readers to give a little insight into how the digital marketing side of things works. As well as the design and build of websites, we also provide in-house digital marketing strategies. One of example of how this is going well is our collaboration with Teahouse Emporium.

Right from the outset, we were excited about working with Teahouse (as you can probably tell from from our photo opposite!). Who doesn’t want to spend time thinking about tea?! They’re a really exciting niche business, and one in which digital marketing fits perfectly.

Our digital marketing team started off by looking into the social media accounts already being used by Teahouse Emporium (in this case Facebook and setting up a new Twitter account) and working out what we could do to engage fans and get people interacting with us. With a business such as this, you know that the potential users are out there. Facebook and Twitter are full of hardcore tea fans that love chatting about tea! It’s just reaching them that is key.

Utilising the potential reach of Facebook has been particularly successful for us. One of the great things about Facebook is that often, once someone has ‘liked’ a certain page, they are genuinely interested in communicating with you. A ‘like’ in itself is a communication – it’s a user letting you know that they like what you’re doing. This is a great start, but once you’ve got the likes, it’s time to think about engagement and how to keep them interacting with you. When it comes to something like Facebook, your page might have 1,000 likes but it’s useless if they’re dormant. Get them chatting with you! One thing that has been made apparent with the rise of social media and digital marketing is that nowadays it’s all about connections. People aren’t interested in faceless, big-name brands any more – they want to see the human side behind everything. One of the most important things that our marketing team do is to put an approachable voice behind the business, so that people can begin to see the personality behind your brand.

So. We had a good amount of likes to start, but how do we turn those likes into comments? Previous competitions had been proven to garner interest, but we wanted to get a one-up on this and come up with something that people wouldn’t just scroll past. From this, we ended up with the #teaselfie campaign. Any user of social media will be aware of the selfie phenomenon, and how integral they have become to many social media channels. We figured it would be great to chime in on this, and what better way than to get Teahouse followers to send in a selfie of them with their favourite cup of tea? One of the things we loved most about this campaign was that it really shows the interconnectedness and worldwide nature of social media. We had #teaselfies in the hairdressers, #teaselfies on the way to work, vintage-style #teaselfies… even a #teaselfie all the way from New York! Here were all these people, with no connection other than their love of tea, demonstrating that any time can be time for tea. That’s the beauty of social media and the power of an image.

Responses were great – we had 35 people sending us a #teaselfie, which was the most amount of comments the page had ever had on a single post. A winner was then chosen and presented with a gift of their favourite tea. T

o follow this up our design team came up with a fantastic graphic, collaging all the #teaselfies that were sent in, which we then posted on Teahouse’s Facebook page (you can see it at the top of this blog post!). We felt this was a lovely way to give something back to everyone who got involved, taking their individual efforts and putting them together to create a fun way to represent the tea-loving community.

By continuing with this kind of thing alongside our efforts on other forms of social media and behind-the-scenes SEO, we’ll be able to get Teahouse Emporium not only ranking highly on Google but also with an active, loyal fanbase that really enjoy being a part of the brand. Digital marketing is a really important part of creating a successful business in 2015, and we’re looking forward to helping our clients move up in this online world.

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